Idemitsu is actively involved in upstream petroleum businesses all over the world in order to secure reliable energy supplies. Currently, we produce 33,700 barrels of crude oil equivalent per day from six oil fields in our primary area, Norway. We are always looking for opportunities to expand activities in Norway. 

In addition to our activities in Norway, we have other core areas where we concentrate our resources and efforts. In Southeast Asia, we have ongoing exploration projects in Vietnam, as well as another projects in the overlapping claims area between Thailand and Cambodia. We will continue to acquire more acreage in this region.

In the Sea of Japan, we continue our evaluation efforts in offshore Niigata, where we discovered and produced at the Aga-oki, the Aga-oki-kita and the Iwafune-oki oil and gas fields.

Vietnam Block 05-1b and 05-1c
Thailand Blocks 5 and 6
 Cambodia  OCA Areas I & II
Japan Offshore Niigata
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