Along with petroleum, natural gas and nuclear energy, coal is one of the world's major primary energy. Gobal coal resources are estimated to be more than 800 billion tons which is enough to supply for more than 150 years at current production ratio.

Idemitsu has an activity for coal mine business in Australia and Indonesia.



Idemitsu has an interest of 3 coal mines Ensham,Muswellbrook,and Boggabri in Australia and contributes to stable energy supply from these operations.

Coal Mine Data

Operating Mines State Production*
(Million tons/year)
Ensham Queensland 4.5 85
Boggabri New South Wales 5.3 80
Muswellbrook New South Wales 1.5 100

※Based on percentage interest held by Idemitsu Group.

  • Ensham mine underground potals

    Ensham mine underground potals

  • Boggabri Mine

    Boggabri Mine

CSR Activities of Coal Mines

Idemitsu Australia’s Boggabri Coal Operations produced a documentary video, “The Kamilaroi”, to provide a publicly available learning aid and a record of the key elements of the Kamilaroi traditional owners culture and stories, as recounted by local Kamilaroi people. This was an initiative championed by Boggabri Coal mine staff in partnership with members of the Kamilaroi nation.

The video was submitted to the 2019 annual New South Wales Mining Industry Awards and won the highly contested Community Excellence Award.

“The Kamilaroi” video was produced as a contribution to our community and to help preserve the unique and priceless culture of the traditional owners of the land on which Boggabri Coal Mine operates.

  • Consultation of ‘The Kamilaroi’ JapaneseV2



(AGM:Antang Gunung Meratus Mine)

Idemitsu has acquired the shares of the companies who own and operate coal mimes in Indonesia. We support their operation and contribute more steady supply of coal.

Coal Mine Data

Operating Mines State Production
(Million tons/year)*1
Percentage of shares(%)*2
AGM South Kalimantan 0.21 3
Malinau North Kalimantan 1.20 30

※1 Based on the percentage of shares.
※2 Percentage of shares for the company who owns the mine.

  • Coal mining by truck and shovel

    Coal mining by truck and shovel

  • Coal transportation by barge

    Coal transportation by barge

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