Advanced Technology Research Laboratories

Advanced Technology Research Laboratories is a corporate research center in Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. We have two missions. One is the solution of the middle- or long- term technological problems in each business unit, and the other is the technological development due to create new business.


We, Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, will promote R&D by innovation and fusion of technologies, while corresponding quickly to changing market-needs of global future growth.
In Functional Materials Businesses such as lubricants, functional chemicals and resins, electronic materials and agri-biotechnological materials, we will develop the technologies to create new activities and to produce new products to enhance our business divisions in the long-term.
In Core Businesses activities such as fuel oil, we will develop the technology to enhance their competitiveness. And also, we will contribute a low carbon society by developing the new technology for renewable energies.
In addition, we have an Analytical Technology Center as a corporate analysis unit. It's mission is the analytical service and the developing analytical technology for each business unit.

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