Supply chain


Coal, which is one of the main primary energy sources along with oil, natural gas, and nuclear power, is one of the most abundant underground resources; there are said to be over 800 billion tons of resources worldwide, more than 150 years’ supply.

We have a coal mine business in Australia and Indonesia, and are striving to provide a stable supply of energy to customers in Japan and other parts of Asia.


Mine in operation State Production (million tons / year)* Interest (%)
Ensham Queensland 4.5 85
Boggabri New South Wales 5.3 80
Muswellbrook New South Wales 1.5 100

*The production of each mine is equivalent to the interest we hold.


Mine in operation Province Production (million tons / year)* Investment ratio (%)
AGM South Kalimantan 0.3 3
Malinau North Kalimantan 1.1 30

*The production of each mine is equivalent to the investment ratio.

Procurement to R & D

We have established a business structure that covers the entire supply chain ranging from overseas mine management to logistics, sales, and development of clean coal technology.

Procurement A variety of brands are procured from Australia, Indonesia, Russia, and China.
Transportation / relay bases Utilizing our own bases, a stable supply is provided to customers who do not have a transportation base.
Sale Cement, chemicals, paper pulp, plaster, non-ferrous metals, food, and other products are delivered to many customers in addition to power plants and steelworks.
In-house use A coal boiler is installed at our in-house refinery and we have accumulated usage know-how.
R & D The entire supply chain is supported by the only coal research institute in Japan.
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