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October 22,2018
【Information】Idemitsu Unitech Introduction video was released
October 22,2018
【Information】Thank you For your visit TOKYO PACK2018 (PDF:38 KB)pdf
September 28,2018
【通知】关于中国专利侵权诉讼的判决结果 (PDF:126 KB)pdf
September 28,2018
【Information】Result of Decision on Patent Infringement Lawsuit in China (PDF:212 KB)pdf
September 5,2018
[Information]Idemitsu Unitech expands re-sealable zipper profile business in North America (PDF:129 KB)pdf
August 10,2018
[Information]Idemitsu Uniteck Co.,Ltd. will be exhibited at the "TOKYO PACK 2018".
May 17,2018
[Information]Plaloc Asia (Thailand) will be exhibited at the "PROPAK ASIA 2018".
September 30,2015
Withdraw from the Nonwoven fabric business (PDF:129 KB)pdf
April 1,2014
Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd.’s history  since 1964~
June 7,2013
Announcing of the Establishment of "PLALOC ASIA THAILAND CO., LTD."
March 30,2010
Success in developing a new film
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