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Introduction video and History
Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd.’s history goes back approximately 50 years to its predecessor, the resin processing unit of the former Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which was the petrochemicals segment of the Idemitsu Kosan Group. At first, the resin processing unit’s main business was essentially to act as a trading company supplying Japanese resin processing makers with resin materials and resin processing technologies introduced from within Japan and around the world, selling these makers’products. The goal was to promote the sale of resins produced by petrochemicals business section. Later, as it accumulated expertise related to resin processing, it established Uni Kako Co., Ltd. as a processed resin products manufacturing subsidiary.
Later, Idemitsu Unitech was established as the successor to Uni Kako, the surviving company in a merger with the processed resin products development and sales functions of Idemitsu Petrochemical, and the manufacturing function of Uni Kako.

Idemitsu Unitech Introduction video

Prehistory: Development of processing technologies for resin sales
The establishment of Uni Kako: Operations begin at an in-house plant
Enhancement of in-house plants: The Chiba and Hyogo Plants and development of PLALOC
The birth of Idemitsu Unitech: An age of selection, concentration, and consolidation
Efforts for safety and environment and quality assurance
Toward further progress
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