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Corporate Governance

Ever since its foundation, Idemitsu has consistently held the utmost respect for human beings and has worked diligently to be a socially respected and highly trusted company.

With this aim in mind, the Company recognizes the importance of constructing positive relationships with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities and employees, by fulfilling its social responsibility as a good corporate citizen, improving management transparency and promoting sound and sustainable growth.

In order to improve corporate governance, the Company set up in 2003 two advisory organs of external experts to the Board of Directors, namely Management Advisory Committee and Safety & Security Advisory Committee, and has made use of the opinions of the external experts in its management.

Thereafter the Company started to utilize independent outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member and in 2014 by appointingg two independent outside directors, it has continued to engage in corporate governance activities with a view to improving its capabilities in this field.

Japan’s Ccorporate Governance Code is aimed at achieving sustainable corporate growth and increasing medium to long-term corporate value through Dialogue with Shareholders. Idemitsu which strives to become a socially respected and highly trusted company believes that it must comply with the code in principle.

In cases where the Company, taking its own views and the external environment into account, believes it necessary to explain its position, it will do so in an appropriate manner and pursuant to the spirit of the Code which adopts the Principle-Based Approach.
The Company attaches great importance to be self governing, thinking by ourselves and judge ourselves in accordance with the principle of respect for human beings.

In addition, the Company openly discusses its business status and management circumstances with outside directors and outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member with a wide range of knowledge and backgrounds and sincerely absorbs their unrestricted views, thereby endeavoring to continue operating in a transparent and fair manner.

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Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System
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