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Environment, Society and Governance | Corporate Social Responsibility

This page offers a message from the President as well as an overview of the Management Philosophy of our founder, Sazo Idemitsu, as recorded in our Principles of Management, Management Policies and Action Guidelines.
With the aim of putting our principle of exercising respect for human beings into action, we have established a system to promote CSR, strengthen risk management and foster dialogue with stakeholders.
As a manufacturer and supplier of petroleum products, we work hard to ensure the safety and improve the quality of our products. As an employer, we strive to create rewarding workplace environments. And, as members of society, our business sites promote activities that give back to local communities.
Not only do we implement measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the generation of waste and pollution, we also give due consideration to ecosystems, develop environment-friendly products and invest in the Carbon Fund.
This webpage showcases the activities carried out by the Idemitsu Group to give back to local communities for mutual prosperity as a member of society.
PDF versions of our latest Idemitsu report and the back issues of the last three years are available for download.
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