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Environmental Performance

Idemitsu works to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities while undertaking progressive initiatives for environmental conservation with the aim of contributing to the creation of a society in which the economy and the global environment are in harmony.

We continually strive to strengthen our environmental management systems in order to monitor the environmental impact of each department within the Group and promote ongoing improvement.
In addition to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from business activities, we are also striving to reduce such emissions by consumers using our products.
We strive to protect endangered species living on the grounds of our business sites and are careful to consider the biodiversity of the surrounding communities.
In addition to reducing the amount of waste produced, we recommend reusing raw materials and using recycled raw materials.
We strive to appropriately manage harmful chemical substances and are working to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.
To prevent air, soil and other pollution, we are strengthening our understanding and management of emission volumes as well as reinforcing measures for reducing emission volumes.
This webpage provides environmental performance data for every refinery, petrochemical plant and complex.
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