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Technical expert of Idemitsu Compounding Plastics
as First Nansha Craftsman

Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & CEO: Takashi Tsukioka; hereinafter “Idemitsu”) is pleased to announce that an employee of Idemitsu Compounding Plastics (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd. (Location: Guangzhou City, the People’s Republic of China; President: Shigeki Morofuji; hereinafter “ICG”), its affiliated company, was recently chosen as a Nansha Craftsman.
The Nansha Federation of Trade Unions in Guangzhou City, where Idemitsu Guangzhou is located, decided to recognize as Nansha Craftsmen employees of its member companies who contributed to technological development in the Nansha district – the first initiative of its kind to be launched by the Federation – and selected Mr. Li Yongjiu, an employee of Idemitsu Guangzhou.

Mr. Li Yongjiu has been responsible for the overall operation of mixing colors *1 forengineering plastics at ICG for the past seven years. He has used his high-level techniques to ensure the stable supply of engineering plastics for OA equipment, automotive components, and consumer electronics, which require particularly strict quality control. The demand of engineering plastics is around 3million tons yearly, as largest market in the world, and still maintains 4 to 5% growth, meanwhile our customer’s products in China has been exported globally, we must fulfill our responsibility to stable supply and high quality.

Idemitsu will continue to work to further improve not only its technological capabilities in Japan but also those of its overseas production bases and strive to ensure a stable supply of its products globally.

*1 Mixing colors is a technology used to color synthetic resin and other materials in designated tones using pigment and dye.
  • Officially commended employee Li Yongjiu
    Officially commended employee Li Yongjiu
  • Engineering plastics produced at ICG
    Engineering plastics
    produced at ICG
  • Application sample
    Application sample
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