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Overseas Branches Closed, Repatriation Begins

On August 15, 1945, with the end of the Second World War Idemitsu lost all its businesses and overseas assets. All that remained were 2.6 million yen in debts (measured in their current value at that time) and about 1,000 employees in Japan and overseas.
Beginning at the end of 1945, about 800 employees who had been dispatched to the Korean Peninsula, mainland China, and Southeast Asia returned in succession. While most firms were cutting their workforces, Idemitsu adopted and implemented a policy of not laying off any employees.
Immediately after the end of the war, as petroleum controls remained in existence Idemitsu was in charge only of details of oil distribution at a number of branches including Wakamatsu, Beppu, and Nagoya – a task that had continued since during wartime. Since there was no work for repatriated staff to do, the company decided to endure the emergency situation by taking on a variety of businesses, such as recovery of oil from the bottom of former Japan Navy tanks, radio repairs and sales, printing, agriculture, production of soy sauce and vinegar, and marine products industry.
While most of these businesses ended in failure, the radio repairs and sales business opened about 50 shops in major cities across Japan, serving as a preparation for the future development of Idemitsu's retail network in the oil business.
The Electrical Division's Iizuka shop (Fukuoka)
The Electrical Division's Iizuka shop (Fukuoka)
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