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The Establishment of Idemitsu Credit and Development of the Credit-Card Business

In 1985, Idemitsu became the first company in Japan's oil industry to issue a credit card, the Idemitsu Card, in partnership with a bank-related credit-card issuer. The next year, in 1986, it established Idemitsu Credit Co., Ltd., to administer and manage the credit-card business.
In 1995, the Idemitsu Card introduced a cash-back system providing discounts on gasoline and other purchases at Idemitsu service stations corresponding to the amount of card use. Thanks to constantly taking the initiative, Idemitsu Credit boasts the largest number of cards issued in the industry.
Idemitsu Card
Idemitsu Card
In the area of service-station membership cards for customers paying by cash, in 1993 Idemitsu again was first in the industry as it began issuing the Idemitsu Mydo Card featuring an IC chip. In 1998 it began using the abundant memory capacity of the IC card to provide new services adding prepaid (Mydo prepaid card system) and cash-back features to the cards.
Idemitsu Mydo Card
Idemitsu Mydo Card
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