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Idemitsu Shokai Founded in Moji

On June 20, 1911, Idemitsu Shokai, the predecessor of Idemitsu Kosan, took its first steps in the oil sales business at the trading port of Moji in Kitakyushu, Japan.
At that time, Fukuoka Prefecture accounted for more than 70% of Japan's coal production. However, since his time as a student company founder Sazo Idemitsu, who hailed from Munakata in Fukuoka Prefecture, had focused on the future potential of petroleum rather than coal, and in his graduation thesis he described with certainty the future prospects arising from the economic advantages of petroleum.
At the time of the company's founding, the dominance of the two major foreign oil companies Standard Oil (now Exxon) of the United States and Rising Sun (now Shell) had broken down and bitter competition was unfolding among domestic oil producers, as conditions of uncertainty continued in the markets for petroleum products.
Idemitsu Shokai, which began as a distributor for Nippon Sekiyu, started first developing sales channels to coal mines and factories in the business of sale of lubricants (machine oil), adopting a policy of avoiding speculative trading and intermediary exploitation and instead seeking to benefit both producers and consumers through linking them directly with each other. Based in Moji, it grew its sales channels to cover the entire island of Kyushu, Osaka, Nagoya, and even mainland China.
The first shipment from the head office in Moji (1917)
The first shipment from the head office in Moji (1917)
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