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The Idemitsu Brand

The Idemitsu Slogan

Assurance, Greater Power and Satisfaction: The Idemitsu Promise

Hotto Anshin (Assurance)
Idemitsu provides customers with a feeling of security and the warmest, most heartfelt service in the industry.

Motto Katsuryoku (Greater Power)
Idemitsu brings greater power to people's lives and society with high ideals and energy

Kitto Manzoku (Satisfaction)
Idemitsu continuously pursues advanced values and delivers satisfaction to meet the expectations of customers and society.

The Idemitsu Group will continue aiming to be a company that provides satisfaction to its customers and all other stakeholders.
Its slogan of “Assurance, Greater Power and Satisfaction: The Idemitsu Promise” embodies this strong belief.
Each and every Idemitsu staff member acts with this slogan in his or her heart.
Today, the mission and value of the enterprise are being questioned amid massive economic and social transformations. The Idemitsu group believes that it is essential to express its approach and ideals to its customers and all other stakeholders.
Based on this concept, the Idemitsu group's slogan of“Assurance, Greater Power and Satisfaction: The Idemitsu Promise”(“Hotto, Motto, Kitto”in Japanese) was born. The Idemitsu Group intends to demonstrate even greater power based on this slogan. The continued support of all stakeholders is appreciated.

The Idemitsu Logo as the group’s logo

The Idemitsu Logo
The Idemitsu logo featuring the Chinese characters of the company's name in calligraphic form was written by the hand of founder Sazo Idemitsu.
The logo was registered as a trademark in 1964, when it went into use at service stations across Japan. It is used in various places as the logo representing the Idemitsu group, regardless of business field.
These calligraphic characters, rare as a corporate logo, symbolize Idemitsu's tradition as a company founded in 1911 and its identity as a Japanese firm.

The Apollo Logo

The Apollo Logo
This logo at Idemitsu's service stations is known as the Apollo logo.
It is used as the symbol of the Idemitsu group's energy business as a whole.

The opportunity of establishing the "Apollo logo" dates back to a point in time when we received designation as a primary oil distributor and made a new start.

When we established our logo, the founder saw the picture of "the profile of the person who let hair stream" of a signboard raised in the shop where he passed. He liked the picture as "it had sense of speed". We became the logo's design based on the picture after having had the consent of the manufacturer of the product on the signboard.
In 1952 the Apollo logo came to be known widely in Japan with the high reputation of this product with the epoch-making high-performance gasoline called "Apollo Gasoline".
We renewed the current logo in 2006. It was added some changes such as large and simple with the profile of the logo and increasing for sense of speed to an oval from a circle with the ring around the profile.
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