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No need for merchants in the future

Sazo Idemitsu
"There is no need for merchants. However, the number of producers and consumers are expected to grow. In practice, it is difficult for producers and consumers to engage directly.

So, an intermediary who can tell the producers, "The consumers want this and that," will allow the producers to plan their production.

And on the other hand, this intermediary can inform consumers that "There is this new product or that convenient product available," for the benefit of the consumers. This in-between distributor, works for the benefit of both the producers and consumers. There will definitely be a need for such merchants."

You've heard of wholesalers who used their ample supply of money on hand as intermediaries to exploit others. And there were those who hoarded commodities and made tons of profit in those days.

I was taught "Never exploit as an intermediary, but there will be a need for merchants to stand between the producers and consumers to simplify distribution."

I told myself. "This is it. This is what I will do." Our system is to sell directly to consumers, which we call "Consumers first oil business." Eliminate the intermediate margin. That is nowadays called initiating a "Distribution revolution."

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