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IDEMITSU Group Moving toward business expansion

A century of "respect for human beings"

News Release

April 4,2014
Construction of Idemitsu Kosan’s Onahama Power Plant (Mega-solar)
March 14,2014
Commencement of Ore Production at the Cigar Lake Mine in Canada
March 11,2014
Launch of Operation of the Idemitsu Kosan’s Himeji Power Plant (Mega-solar)
March 3,2014
Idemitsu and AltaGas Close Acquisition of Interests in Canadian Oil & Gas Company Petrogas
February 6,2014
Closure of Chiba Phenol Plant (PDF:54 KB)pdf


April 14,2014
IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia, our page is updated!! - Americas GP
March 26,2014
IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia, our page is updated!! - Qatar GP
March 20,2014
IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia is getting ready for SEASON 2014…!
February 4,2014
The editorial advertising about "AUNJ CLASSIC ORCHESTRA ONE ASIA JOINT CONCERT" has appeared in Wall Street Journal Asian Edition on 30th Jan.,2014.
January 29,2014
IDEMITSU REPORT 2013 covering ESG and other nonfinancial topics as well as a business summary, management plans and summarized financial data has been released.